Monday, 17 September 2012

Cover Letter

HR Department
10 International Business Park
Singapore 609928

Dear Sir/Madam
Application for Network Engineer
I will be graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree in May 2014. Since my specialization is in networking, M1 would be an outstanding match for my educational skills and professional interests. Recently M1 has launched the Singapore’s first nationwide 4G network, and the thought of working for such an innovative and vibrant company really excites me. I believe that my responsibility and passion will add vitality to M1.
I used to work as an intern in Star-net, one of the leading information and communication solutions providers in China. This experience enabled me to have comprehensive insight into the communication industry and a better understanding of the expectation of a network engineer. Furthermore, I have gained knowledge on various transport circuits, such as EPON, GPON and XDSL as well.
Moreover, I am a person with dynamic style of communication and people management. I have been studying abroad independently for eight years, making me capable of adapting to a new environment and settling down quickly. At the same time, I have been continuously meeting people from different backgrounds. Besides that, I have participated in many projects in school and at work. I am able to establish trust and rapport with my group mates, mediate disputes during group meetings and motivate my group members.
I am also a person with great patience and strong responsibility. I began all my three internships with zero background, and I managed to survive by holding my composure and being an active learner. Whichever the projects or work that my mentors had handed to me, I always put myself in the company’s shoes and tried hard to bring out the best results.
Building from these experiences I would be able to contribute to M1. My educational background, my internship experiences and my interpersonal skills would enable me to do an outstanding work as a network engineer. Being a M1 royal consumer, I have enjoyed the first-class service that you have provided me so far. I hope I could join you and serve the M1 community together in the future.
Thank you for considering my application.

Yours faithfully,
Zhuang Wei

edited on 10 Oct


  1. Hi Zhuang Wei !

    That is a good cover letter!

    For your information a, it is good. You just should add your phone number and your email address but I understand that you don't add them on this post (indeed we have to be careful with the information that we spread on Internet).

    Paragraph 1 : OK, you say why you write this cover letter! Concise, precise, it is OK !

    Paragraph 2 : You explain that you have the skills and the experience for the education, good!

    Paragraph 3 : You show that you have communication and management qualities and that you are an open-minded person with no adaptation problems. You say that you have participated in many projects. I think that you can give a more precise example where you participation was really important. You can also explain the role that you had int his project.

    Paragraph 4 : Same thing, you could develop one of your internship experience which proves what you say.

    Paragraph 5 : Really good conclusion!

    Global feeling : Good cover letter, we see that you have a lot of experience, skills and qualities. You could be more precise.

    Good language, good structure!

    1. I forgot to click on the reply button. Please see my reply following. :-0

  2. Hi Maxime! Your comments are really encouraging! Thanks a lot.
    As the project details I have already included in my resume, I do not know whether it is a repeat if I mention that in the cover letter. Also, I do not really like my experience, as they do not really stand me out from the rest. Hence I am hoping that I can do more things in the future to make my cover letter a better one. :-)